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Top 5 Themes for Your Bucks Party

Top 5 Themes for Your Bucks Party

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There’s a variety amongst bucks parties Brisbane has to offer, but they’re all complete with great food and drinks, beautiful women, and testosterone-filled activities that can last the whole night. Whether you do it in a high-end strip club or at a private beach, theming up adds colour to your celebration.

Spice up your night with these themes:

Tiki Bar

This theme is based on the Tiki beach full of palm trees and the warm sea breeze. This Polynesian beach is so exotic; it fills our minds with images that are almost mystical.

In this fantasy, the women are delicious-looking and the men are tanned and buff. Okay, so your body type may be closer to a dadbod than a beach bud, who cares?

Just go to the fire-lit bar and grab your glass of zombie cocktail while enjoying some exotic percussion music.


All Hallow’s Eve is a yearly occasion that has brought excitement to our childhood. It’s filled with sweets and playing tricks.

Now, you can bring back the childhood fun by donning up fantasy costumes you’ve been wanting to wear for months. It’s also the best opportunity to see that sexy nurse or teacher who you’ve been dreaming about since college.


Nothing brings out the primal beast in men other than competition among the other males. That’s why sports was created–to keep things human and civil.

Wear your favourite sports jersey and enjoy the night reliving memories of your favourite match of all time with your mates, while watching an endless series with commentary. Don’t forget to take a break and challenge your best buds in darts or FIFA on your PS4.


Now’s the chance to be the hero you’ve always dreamed of. You can choose to be a solo saviour of the universe, or you can plan with some of your pals to come as members of the Justice League or the Power Rangers.

Wear your cape, flash your sword, and strike your manly poses. You may also request the ladies of the night to come either as Wonder Woman or damsels you can keep on saving the whole night.

Wild West

This may not be a popular choice among the bucks parties Brisbane men go to, but it sure is a classy theme. Don your favourite cowboy hat and buckled boots, and blow smoke on your toy gun. Real horses may be involved, but be sure to get the permission of the venue first.

Theming up can definitely make your buck’s night extra amazing. Don’t forget to ask your mates for ideas because the bucks parties Brisbane men throw should be nothing short of exciting.